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Routes 6, 10, 11, 12, 25, and 59

Wednesday, June 10; 5:00 PM
215 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.

Room 260 (Madison Municipal Building)

On Wednesday, June 10, Metro Transit and the City of Madison Transit and Parking Commission will discuss feedback received on proposed fall service changes to Routes 6, 10, 11, 12, and 59.

Due to service being reallocated to another route, Route 25 is being proposed for elimination.

proposed changes

ROUTE 25 ELIMINATED - Trip Added to Route 6

  • Route 25 is proposed for elimination due to service to American Family Insurance headquarters now being provided on Route 26.
  • Added trips to Route 6 (incorporated from Route 25 schedule).

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ROUTE 6 - Portage/Hayes Loop Change Heading to East Towne Mall

  • Proposed outbound service change. Service shifted from Dwight Dr. to E. Washington Ave.
  • Shift from using Zeir Rd. and East Towne Blvd. to using E. Washington Ave. to Independence Ln.

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  • West end of route expanded to serve UW Health-Digestive Clinic.
  • Service along Division, Rutledge and Spaight streets eliminated.
  • Trips added to schedule that only operate when UW classes are in session.
  • Other schedule adjustments to balance passenger loads with other routes.

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ROUTES 11 & 12 - No Longer Serve West Transfer Point

  • Revised routing on west side to facilitate commutes between the Toepfer Ave. neighborhood and the UW and VA hospitals.
  • Routes no longer serve West Transfer Point (service available on other routes).
  • Route 11 no longer serves Science Dr. (service available on Route 6)
  • Service added on Blackhawk Ave. north of Bluff St., Berwyn Dr., and Wedgewood Way (AM only).

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ROUTE 12 - Service Removed From Waunona Way Loop

  • Due to low ridership, the service loop north of W. Broadway and west of Lake Point Dr. (operating on Fayette Ave., Waunona Way, and Frazier Ave.) is proposed for elimination.

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  • Minor schedule adjustments. Time point moved from Crescent Rd. & Sentinel Pass to Executive and Market Place.
  • Buses will use new roads, Spoke and Sprocket, to provide direct service to and from the Allied Drive/Dunn’s Marsh neighborhoods and Star Cinema.
  • No bus stop changes

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Interested persons are encouraged to attend the public hearing to give feedback. Consideration will be given to views and comments expressed at the public hearing as well as to all written comments received.

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Written comments can also be sent to:

Metro Transit Public Hearing
1245 E. Washington Ave. Suite 201
Madison, WI 53703

The Madison Municipal Building is accessible to people who use mobility aids and is equipped with assistive listening devices.

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