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Effective Sunday, August 27

Proposed service changes have been approved by the Madison Transit and Parking Commission.

Changes will go into effect Sunday, August 27.

Updated Google Map data, Ride Guides and System Maps are being developed and expected to be available in July.


effective sunday, august 27

Proposed maps and additional details:

Routes Area Affected  
2 & 28 Roth St., Aberg Ave., Sherman Ave.  
11 Nob Hill Rd., Badger Ln.
14 Farmington Way, Westfield Rd.
30 Via Nakoosa/Swanton
33 Milky Way, Galileo Dr., Vicksburg Rd., Sharpsburg Dr.
35 Argosy Ct., Atlas Ave. Industrial Park
49 Fish Hatchery Rd., Badger Rd.
52 & 59 Whitney Way at Odana Rd.
55 Service shifted from Verona Rd.- Hwy. 15/18
56 & 57 Whitney Way at Mineral Point Rd.
56 Stonecreek Dr., Maple Grove Dr., Stratford Dr., Carnwood Dr.
57 Stonecreek Dr., Maple Grove Dr., Stratford Dr., Carnwood Dr., Piping Rock Rd.
59 Dunns Marsh Neighborhood, Fitchburg Library
72 & 73 Discovery Dr.

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