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Metro Congratulates Safety Award Recipients!

In an April ceremony, Metro recognized 226 drivers with safe driving records in 2013, including five drivers that have 30 or more years of safe driving!

Drivers with 30 or more years of safe driving are Jayme Johnson, Don Roeth, Denny Johnson, Jim Killerlain and Ed Sinner.

Metro also congratulated William Roeth, Jeff Rogers, Brian Weiss, Kathy Ary, Jean Craig, Rick Drengsen, Dave Knoche, George Ward, Gerald Jackson, and Gary Tachon on 25 or more years of safe driving.

A total of 186 full-time drivers received awards for a grand total of 2,026 years of combined safe driving!

An additional 40 part-time drivers received safety awards for a total of 72 years.

Combining full-time and part-time, 226 drivers were recognized for a cumulative total of 2,098 years of safe driving in our community.

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