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On Monday, November 3, Mayor Paul Soglin and Metro Transit General Manager Chuck Kamp held a press conference to release a video compiled of safety-related incidents captured by Metro bus surveillance cameras.

At the press conference, Mayor Soglin and Chuck Kamp discussed incidents seen in this video to raise awareness and encourage everyone in the community to share the streets safely.

“Madison’s transportation system is a wonderful mix of autos, buses, bikes, pedestrians and even skate boards,” said Mayor Soglin. “With such variety, it is more important than ever that we are all cognizant of our surroundings to stay safe.”

Kamp described the incidents as “close calls” that are great examples of what Metro drivers seen out on the street on a daily basis. Kamp said that Metro was sharing these incidents in order to educate the public and encourage everyone in the community to use the streets safely.

“The goal of this press conference is to increase safety for everyone, and prevent accidents” Kamp said. “If by releasing this video we were able to raise awareness enough to even prevent one bad accident, then we would consider this outreach a success.”

Madison Transit and Parking Commission Chair Gary Poulson spoke about the safety challenges out on the streets day each day.

“After viewing this video, I am pleased that Metro Transit and its drivers takes the safety of its passengers and others sharing the roadways very seriously. I hope with this outreach as well as Metro’s internal training and awareness efforts that we can continue to prevent serious accidents and crashes.”

Field Operations Manager Claire Hurley of B-Cycle made some comments in support of the initiative before the event. “It’s great to see the action that Metro and the City of Madison are taking to improve the safety of our streets,” she said. “B-cycle is committed to safety and will work diligently with the City on this initiative to improve safety and increase positive interactions across transportation modes.”

The video released at this press conference is now available at the link above. Metro will use this video and a recording of this press conference to spearhead a safe streets reminder campaign in the spring when all these modes of traffic are again back out in the street in large numbers.

“The point of this press conference is to be aware, be safe, and to share the streets safely,” Kamp said. “Our goal is encourage everyone to make an attempt to minimize these accidents to the point that they rarely or never happen again.”

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