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August 2014 Ride Guide
Service Updates

Now in Effect

Check your trip. Metro service changes are now in effect. Updated Ride Guide and System Maps are now available at links below. Printed versions are also available on all fixed route buses.

Bus Stop Updates on Gorham St. and Johnson St.

Metro Transit has updated stop locations on Gorham street, Schroeder Rd., and other neighborhoods throughout its service area.

In order to make travel times faster and more reliable through the area while also improving missed connections at transfer points, stops at the intersections of Brearly and Few streets have been removed. With this service change, stops will be located on every other block on Blount, Patterson, and Ingersoll streets.

Staff had originally planned to also remove a stop on the corner of Gorham and Livingston streets. The decision to remove this stop has been delayed.

Staff are reviewing issues that have been presented regarding the closure of this stop and will make a decision on this location at a later date.

Customers are invited to weigh in on this and other stop relocations and removals by contacting Metro’s customer service center at (608) 266-4466 or Information can also be submitted at


Eastbound Route 81 Detour; Johnson St. Construction

  • Due to construction, eastbound Route 81 is the only route using Johnson St. Alternative stops are being used (See More).

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