2011 Ends With No Fire Fatalities

Tuesday, January 3, 2012 - 4:14am

The City of Madison once again ended the calendar year with no fatalities related to fires. It's the third out of four years in which fire has claimed no lives in the City.

The single fire fatality in the last four years occurred in August, 2010 when a woman died in a condominium fire on the City's north side. That fire was the result of careless cooking.

As 2012 begins, the City of Madison Fire Department will continue to focus on reducing the number of fires caused by careless and negligent cooking. That remains the number one cause of fires in the City and nationwide.

Ironically, the first significant fire of 2012 began when a resident at 2814 Ashford Lane was cooking French fries in oil and left the kitchen area for a short time. When he returned, he saw fire on the stove. He made an attempt to extinguish the fire before evacuating the building.

That fire, which began at 4:18 Sunday morning, displaced 29 residents and caused $96,000 in damage.


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