4-Unit Apartment suffers $150,000 in Fire Damage

Monday, April 5, 2010 - 2:17am

On Saturday, April 5rd at 12:18 am, City of Madison Fire Department was dispatched to 5830 Russett Road to a reported structure fire.

When Engine 7 arrived, they saw fire blowing from a first floor window. They entered the main doors and encounter smoke in the entry way. Upon entering apartment #2, and were met with thick black smoke which had filled the apartment half way to the ground. Firefighters quickly extinguished a fire in the kitchen area.

A search of the building found everyone had safely evacuated the 4-unit apartment complex.

Prior to the arrival of the City of Madison Fire Department, an occupant of apartment #2 ran outside and yelled for help. Several neighbors came to their aide, one person grabbed a fire extinguisher and attempted to put the fire out. Other neighbors helped several young children exit the building.

Apartment #2 suffered major fire and smoke damage. The other apartments had smoke damage. A total of 3 adults and 7 children live in the complex, one unit was vacant.

Fire Investigators have determined the fire to be accidental in nature. A young child turned on the stove, which ignited items on the stove top causing $150,000 damage throughout the building.

No one was hurt as a result of the fire.

Madison Police and Red Cross were also on scene.


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