Alder Samba Baldeh Calls on People to Reject President Trump's Recent Divisive Comments

Monday, January 15, 2018 - 9:03am

Introducing Resolution at January 16 Common Council Encouraging Tolerance

As a first generation immigrant from Africa, Alder Samba Baldeh is deeply dismayed by President Donald Trump's comments in expressing that Haitians should be put out of America and that Africans come from “s***hole” countries.  The following is Alder Baldeh’s statement,

“This great country was built on a legacy of immigration, including immigrants fleeing poverty and injustice in their home nations and immigrants who faced racism as they labored, such as the many railroad workers. We must also not forget that this country was built with the blood, sweat and tears of people stolen from their homes and forced to labor under brutal conditions.

It is with this knowledge of history and with a strong sense of what is right that Madison needs to continue striving for unity among all communities. This must be a city that is welcoming to all, where every person is a valued community member.”

Alder Baldeh will be presenting a resolution at the Madison Common Council on Tuesday, January 16, stating that the city rejects the comments of the President and encouraging all people to practice tolerance.  

Alder Baldeh said, "We appreciate the contributions of immigrants from all over the world, including people from countries severely challenged by poverty, war, or natural disaster.   Our ideal of democracy is not limited to people who have had the good fortune of more stability or more resources."