All Outdoor Ice Rinks Remain Closed

Friday, February 27, 2009 - 2:57am

After a snow or ice storm, the first priority of all parks maintenance staff is public safety. All staff are working on sanding and salting bike paths, public sidewalks and parking lots.

Thursday's rain and then ice storm have made the ice rinks unskatable. All of the ice conditions deteriorated during the early evening rain, then the top layer froze after the temperatures dropped. This created a situation of top crust ice, 1-2 inches of water below that, then compromised ice conditions below that layer. It is not safe for staff to get maintenance equipment on to the ice rinks. The shoreline areas around Tenney and Vilas Lagoons are particularly thin and messy. Please stay off the ice and exercise caution if walking near the lagoons.

  • Parks Administration, 608-266-4711