ATV Breaks Through Ice on Lake Waubesa

Monday, January 28, 2013 - 4:18am

Around 8:30 am, City of Madison Fire Department Scuba Team launched the ARGO and ice sled at Lake Farm Park Boat Landing off Libby road, when a man operating his all-terrain vehicle on Lake Waubesa broke through the ice when he was ice fishing. He was approximately 500' from shore.

The rider called 911 and to report that his ATV was sinking. He was able to stay afloat on his ATV, because he had floatation devices on his vehicle. Floatation devices are not required on Lake Waubesa, but Dane County ordinances require certain motorized vehicles being operated on Madison lakes in winter and have floatation devices and/or a permit.

Madison Fire Department Scuba Team brought the rider ashore. He did not sustain any injuries. The water was over the wheels when the Scuba team retrieved the ATV from the lake.

Ice Ordinance information can be found on the Dane County Sheriff's Office link below.


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