Baby on Board at Firehouse #5

Friday, July 30, 2010 - 2:26am

Firefighters are used to responding to emergencies throughout the City and at all hours of the night. This evening the emergency came to them.

At around 5:30, the crew at Firehouse #5 was finishing dinner when the tones sounded alerting them that a pregnant woman was on her way to the station and delivery was imminent.

Medic 5 was returning from one of the hospitals, so firefighters at the station took action as soon as the car arrived, just moments later.

The car was brought into the station, and the mother gave birth in the back seat of the car within 10 minutes of their arrival.

Shortly after the birth of a healthy baby boy, Medic #5 returned to the station in time to cut the umbilical cord and transport mom, dad, and baby to Meriter Hospital.


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