Block 100 Foundation Announces Intention to Proceed with the Development of 100 Block of State Street Project

Friday, June 1, 2012 - 9:29am

Members of the Frautschi family and the Block 100 Foundation announced today that, with City of Madison support, work on revitalizing the Foundation's properties on the 100 Block of State Street will continue. The project has been on hold since March as Block 100 Foundation members reviewed whether the project should move forward.

Grant Frautschi, President of the Block 100 Foundation and Project Manager George Austin joined Mayor Soglin, Alder Mike Verveer and Planning & Community & Economic Development Director Steve Cover to announce the decision and discuss the plans.

"The Frautschis have given the issue considerable thought and carefully considered the viewpoints expressed at the city boards and commissions about the project," said George Austin. "This family has cared about the long-term health of this community for generations." Grant Frautschi, President of the Foundation added, "This same long-term view motivates us now. And while the tenor of some of the debate has disappointed us, we firmly maintain a hopeful outlook for Madison. To this end, we have decided to continue with the project."

In proceeding, the Block 100 Foundation announced several changes to the original project concept. While maintaining the retail/restaurant/office mix and the massing of the original concept, the Stark and Schubert buildings will be retained and the garden will be eliminated. The office entrance for the above grade floors is being moved to Fairchild Street to provide an additional entrance and add to the vitality of Fairchild Street. Further, the new construction portion of the project - the 117-119 State Street and 121-123 State Street properties - will be expressed as a modern design of our time, as suggested by the Urban Design Commission. "We believe the project will continue to support the Block 100 Foundation's objectives and the community's objectives and we hope the project will be expeditiously acted on so we can begin these desired improvements as soon as possible," concluded George Austin.

"This is spectacular news for the entire City," said Madison Mayor Paul Soglin. "I am so pleased that this work will continue and add to the vitality of our downtown and I am especially appreciative of the Frautschi family's deep commitment to Madison and its residents. I look forward to working with them to make this project, as re-designed, a reality. It will add to the tax base, revitalize an important block in our downtown, and do it without any public financial assistance."

Downtown Alder Mike Verveer said, "I'm thrilled and grateful for the Frautschi family's decision to proceed. The revised proposal deserves the community's enthusiastic support. I'm very confident that City land use approvals will be swiftly granted."

"When this project was initially submitted to the City, we knew it had the potential to be a spectacular project, mixing old buildings with new, and creating new energy and vitality on Fairchild and West Mifflin Streets," said Madison Planning & Community & Economic Development Director Steve Cover. "The applicants and their design team have done just that, created a spectacular project. It was a true team effort, and the final product reflects that. It will be great for State Street, great for downtown and great for the whole City of Madison."

A public open house to review the revised project plans with the community will be held by the Block 100 Foundation on Thursday, June 7 from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. in the Promenade Lounge of Overture Center for the Arts, 201 State Street. A fall 2012 construction start is anticipated with completion expected for the spring of 2014.


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