Capitol is Being Monitored to Ensure Public Safety

Friday, February 18, 2011 - 8:05am

As thousands of people continue to stream in and around the State Capitol, the City of Madison Fire Department has received numerous calls regarding occupancy levels and capacity.

The Department has no jurisdiction over occupancy at the Capitol because the Wisconsin State Legislature exempted the building some years ago.

The crowds are being monitored by law enforcement on the scene, most notably the Capitol Police, which is responsible for the protection of lives and property on Department of Administration (DOA) managed properties. The Fire Department is offering Capitol Police technical assistance on code questions.

In addition, the Fire Department has paramedics stationed at the Capitol to provide care to anyone who may become ill or injured.

Both agencies are in communication and the Capitol Police has a plan in place to manage crowds should that become necessary.

Occupancy ratings are calculated based on a standard of five square feet per person, though law enforcement and fire inspectors also gauge the ability of people to freely move through a structure and/or safely exit the building in an emergency.


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