Cause of Treichel Fire Caused by Child Activating Toaster

Thursday, April 8, 2010 - 2:55am

City of Madison Fire Department investigators have determined the fire on Saturday, April 3rd was accidentally started by a 2-year old child who put the bread carriage down on a toaster, which burned items around the area including paper towels, cabinets and countertop.

The fire occurred at 4665 Treichel Street and caused $10,000 damage which activated two sprinkler heads, limiting fire damage.

• Fire sprinklers intervene with a fire in its early stages to prevent the large production of toxic gases contaminating the atmosphere.
• Fire Sprinklers use 1/10 the water as extinguishing firefighting streams thus saving precious water and preventing water toxic runoff from contaminating ground water and sewers.
• Fire Sprinklers reduce the amount of toxic debris from fire and lessen the amount of landfill contaminated.

  • Bernadette Galvez, 608-261-9844