Chip Seal Street Maintenance Starts Soon

Tuesday, June 15, 2010 - 6:50am

Prep Work Underway

The Streets Division has begun the preparatory work for its annual chip seal street maintenance program. The chip seal program is a street surfacing program that is done annually on unimproved streets in the City of Madison. Unimproved streets are those streets with no curb and gutter and limited storm sewers and drainage.
"Chip sealing involves applying a layer of oil to the street and covering it with surfacing material, generally a layer of small stones," Street Superintendent Al Schumacher said. "After the oil has cured (3 to 5 days) excess stone material is swept up by a mechanical street sweeper."
This summer 50 city streets will be chip sealed. Some streets will be completely done others will have a portion done. Chip sealing is done by the Dane County Highway Department under contract with the City.
In June, the Streets Division begins getting the selected streets ready for chip sealing. This work involves a variety of repairs including pothole filling and laying asphalt mats in low lying areas.
"Once we have finished our prep work the chip sealing process will begin," Schumacher said. "We usually begin the actual chip sealing in mid July and are finished in about two weeks. There is no charge to property owners for chip sealing."
A complete list of streets to be chip sealed this summer can be found at

  • George Dreckmann, 267-2626