City Crews Plan Busy Weekend

Friday, February 22, 2008 - 6:55am

Crews from the City of Madison will have a busy weekend filling potholes and opening up storm sewer inlets. The Engineering Division will have five crews working to open storm sewer inlets on Saturday and Sunday. The Streets Division will have 32 people working to fill potholes on Saturday.

"It looks like we are headed for our first weekend without snow this winter," Streets Division spokesperson George Dreckmann said. "This will give us a chance to put our crews to work doing some much needed maintenance work."

Crews from the Department of Public Works have had to spend most of the winter dealing with Madison's record snowfall. The large volume of snow has led to numerous blocked storm sewer inlets and more potholes that usual at this time of year.

"We are going to concentrate our pothole efforts on main streets such as Mineral Point Rd., Northport-Packers, and Campus Drive," Dreckmann said. "At this time of year we are only going to be able to use "cold mix" to fill the potholes. This material provides a temporary patch."

Crews working to clear inlets will be concentrating their efforts on areas that had water problems during last weeks rain event. If residents experience any flooding problems over the weekend due to warmer temperatures they should call 266-4665 to report them. This line is to be use to report flooding problems only, not to report blocked inlets.

"We would appreciate any help we can get from the public in opening up inlets and clearing snow from around fire hydrants," Dreckmann said.

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