City crews work to clear storm sewer inlets to prevent flooding

Tuesday, February 18, 2014 - 2:22pm

Report flooded intersections/roadways in Madison to City Engineering Division

While today’s warmer temperatures are a welcome relief from this winter’s deep freeze it does pose a different challenge for City crews. Snow covered curb lines prevent melting from reaching storm sewer inlets and can result in flooded streets at low points.
The City’s Engineering Division has crews working to clear snow covered inlets to allow water to reach the City’s storm sewer system. There are, however, more than 30,000 structures in the City’s storm sewer system and citizens need to understand that it is not feasible for accumulated snow and ice to be cleared from all these structures. The Engineering Division has prioritized such work as follows:

  1. Proactively remove snow from inlets at low points within enclosed depressions and areas with a history of flooding; and
  2. Respond to reports of areas actively experiencing flooding to remove snow from inlets.

Flooded intersections and/or roadways within the City of Madison should be reported to City Engineering at 266-4430.
The good news is that warmer temperatures will break the bond between the pavement and the snow/ice in the curb line allowing water from snow melt to run in the gutter under the snow/ice and reach inlets.
Property owners who have roof and/or parking lot drains connected to the public storm system may need to contract with a private company to steam open their private service to the point of connection to the public storm sewer system.


  • Engineering Operations266-4430