City of Madison Fire Department Assists Waunakee Fire Department with HazMat Incident

Monday, October 3, 2011 - 9:18am

At 7:10 am this morning, the City of Madison Fire Department Hazardous Material Team responded to Scientific Protein Laboratories, LLC to assist Waunakee Fire Department with a HazMat spill.

Fire Chief Gary Acker with Waunakee Fire Department called Madison Fire Department Hazardous Material Team to assist at Scientific Protein Laboratories located at 700 East Main Street for a spill. A worker removed a valve from a 5000 gallon storage tank which he thought was empty, but the tank contained 4500 gallons of Isopropyl Alcohol. The alcohol spilled into an exterior 15,000 gallon catch basin and caught all of the contents. Madison Fire Department HazMat Team and Waunakee Firefighters entered the building in firefighting gear with self contained breathing apparatus to monitor the atmosphere and deemed the area safe. Workers were allowed back into the building.

There was no environmental damage or harm to the community.
Hazardous Materials Incident Team
Madison's Hazardous Incident Team (HIT), led by Division Chief Michael Popovich, is one of nine regional "Level A" hazardous materials response teams designated by the State of Wisconsin to provide assistance in hazardous materials emergencies. The team can be activated for any incident involving a hazardous materials release, leak, explosion, injury, or potential of immediate threat to life, the environment, or property. The Madison Regional Response Team (RRT) covers the Wisconsin counties of Sauk, Columbia, Dodge, Dane, Iowa, Grant, Lafayette, Green, and Rock.


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