City of Madison Flooding Update - Thursday, August 30, 2018 - 3:00 pm

Thursday, August 30, 2018 - 3:12pm

As the level of Lake Mendota is being managed, additional water is being released. The County continues to do an incredible job, monitoring and maintaining the levels of the lake.

This release is resulting in water pooling on some isthmus streets. Some lanes have been closed. As always, information is being posted on the Flooding website as soon as it is available.

Residents continue to be prepared. Sand bags are available in 14 locations throughout the city. We need to keep in mind this is an event that is going to be weeks, not days in duration.

City staff continue to work with organizers of downtown events, including the University in preparation for tomorrow night’s football game, Taste of Madison and others.

Flood Damage
The City has had 505 reports to United Way 211 regarding damage to private property. If you experience flood damage, please report it to United Way 211 or report damages online.
These reports will assist Dane Count as it compiles its report to FEMA. While it is important to continue to report those losses, there is no guarantee that there will be federal assistance to help private homeowners.

The thresholds for public assistance (for government entities) have been met.
At this time, the thresholds for individual assistance have not been met.
The state will ask FEMA to consider all of the storm damage (state-wide) since August 20 as one disaster declaration.
With recent tornado damage and extensive flooding, the threshold for individual assistance may be met. No promises.
If individual assistance is made available, the limits include:

  • Maximum $33,500 per house.
  • FEMA will only pay for living space restoration and repairs to make home functional (structural, heating, electrical system, plumbing).
  • It does not include restoration of basements or areas that are not living space. FEMA rules state that washers, dryers and TVs are not essential to the function of the home.

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