City Of Madison Property Tax Bills-New for 2009

Tuesday, December 15, 2009 - 3:52am

Property owners in the City of Madison should have received their property tax bill by now, and the city treasurer wants to announce an innovation for 2009 and remind taxpayers have a few important facts:

1. New for 2009: if you have internet access, don't bother with a stamped, self-addressed envelope; print your own receipt. Your payment will be posted on the city's website the same day it's processed. Allow a couple days for the post office to deliver the payment, and then go to the website: On the home page you will find a link for paying your property tax. Once you find your property, click on the "tax details" tab. The payment will be listed on the bottom of the page, and next to it will be a button "Print Tax Receipt." Click the button and a receipt will appear for you to print.

2. Holiday Hours: Some taxpayers like to pay in person at the city treasurer's office in the City County Building. The office will be closed to the public on Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, and the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday on January 18th.

3. Taxpayers may pay online at The city absorbs the costs for taxpayers using eCheck. Payments with a credit card or debit card are handled by a third-party vendor who will charge the taxpayer a fee for using these options.

4. Search Function Added for Business Personal Property Tax: Also new for 2009, businesses can search for their personal property tax information online. At the site, businesses can find the amount of their tax and pay using the same options as real estate taxpayers.

5. Payment deadline is January 31st: The deadline for payment of property tax is January 31, 2010. However, two-thirds of property owners pay their taxes before December 31st, so that they can deduct their property taxes as an itemized deduction when completing their Federal Form 1040 for income tax. Meeting this deadline is a matter between the taxpayer and the IRS; the city is not involved. Nevertheless, the city accommodates taxpayers who wait until the very last day of December by issuing receipts dated as per the postmark on the payment, i.e., payments in an envelope postmarked 12/31 will have a receipt dated 12/31. However, as mentioned above, the treasurer's office is closed on December 31st.

  • Dave Gawenda, Treasurer, 608-266-4772