City Places 8th Ambulance into Service

Monday, April 5, 2010 - 4:30am

The City of Madison Fire Department places Medic 7 into service today at Station #7, 1810 McKenna Blvd. City of Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz and Fire Chief Debra Amesqua will be at Station #7 at 10:30 a.m. for a brief "gauze-snipping" ceremony to welcome the new crew to the west side.

It's the first full-time addition to the City's paramedic staffing since 2004.

"The addition of a new ambulance at Station #7 will improve emergency response times on the city's west side," Mayor Dave Cieslewicz said. "This addition continues long-term support for public safety in my budgets. After not adding an ambulance in the previous 16 years, we have now added three in the past six years."

"The Department is pleased to add a new link to the system of emergency medical care in our community," said Fire Chief Debra Amesqua. "We are deeply gratified that the Mayor has continued to support our Department in reaching a level of service and care that not only meets national standards in emergency medical care, but sends a powerful message that our City's priorities are well-placed."

The new ambulance crew at Station #7 will markedly improve response times to emergency medical calls on the City's west side.

The Department responded to more than 18,000 EMS calls in 2009 -1,400 of them in Station #7's territory.

The City of Madison will continue to participate in an interoperability agreement with neighboring municipalities to provide Advanced Life Support (ALS) response regardless of geographical boundaries. The plan is a cooperative initiative between the ALS services from the City of Madison, Town of Madison, City of Middleton, Fitch-Rona and Sun Prairie.


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