City Trees & Wind Storm - Who To Call

Tuesday, October 26, 2010 - 4:39am

In the unfortunate circumstance that a storm damages the trees on your property, knowing who call may help speed up the clean up process.

Important numbers to have:
Parks Forestry Section: Mon - Fri, 7 a.m. - 3 p.m. 266-4816
If the damage occurs after work hours, evenings, weekends - call Police Dispatch, 266-4275 or 911 for an emergency.

When to call the Parks Forestry Section or a private tree care specialist or arborist.
• Street Tree Damage - a street tree is a tree between the sidewalk and the street. If these trees are damaged, please call 266-4816 during work hours or Police Dispatch after work hours. This is the responsibility of the City Forestry Section.
• Private Tree that falls on to public spaces such as sidewalk or street - call for Parks Forestry Section. The workers will clean up only that which is in the public space (street or sidewalk). You may need to hire a private contractor to clean up the rest of the damage/tree on your own property.
• Private Tree on own Property that is damaged and fall on private property - You will need to call a private contractor.
• Trees on power lines - Please call Madison Gas & Electric, 252-7111 or 911.

Brush clean up:
The Forestry Section will pick up only the brush that was created from the clean up work on the street trees. For private brush pick up, contact the Street Division for their brush pick up schedule.

  • Forestry Section, 266-4816
  • Parks Administration, 266-4711