Crews Extinguish Fire at Rubin's Furniture Warehouse

Friday, October 7, 2011 - 12:37pm

City of Madison Fire crews quickly extinguished a fire at Rubin's Furniture Warehouse. At 2:23 pm, Ladder 6 crew responded to 2300 Badger Road for a smoke detector activation. Upon initial arrival of fire crews, no smoke or flames were showing. Two workers met Ladder 6 crew at the front door and told them there was smoke in the building. Firefighters entered the building, where smoke detectors were sounding, with a light smoke haze and strong smell of burning was observed. Fire crews told all employees to exit the large warehouse building.

Crews used the Thermal Imaging camera to find hot spots. The Lieutenant asked for more resources and made it a full fire response. Fire crews laddered the building and found smoke coming from a section of the roof, they removed the top rubber membrane and found a small fire on the wooden roof decking, which was quickly extinguished using a water can. Firefighters used the chain saw to cut away the roof to assess charring on roof members. Crews inside the warehouse, opened up the ceiling to be sure the fire did not extend into the building.

Engine 1 and Ladder 6 crews found conduit that was split in half exposing wires, which started the fire. The owner told Fire personnel that conduit runs along the roof to supply a de-icer system.

Employees safely evacuated the building. No one was injured.

Damage to the building, which is used as storage space, is estimated at $5,000.


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