Cross-Country Skiing, Sledding, Outdoor Ice Rinks Update

Wednesday, December 5, 2007 - 4:38am

Cross County Skiing - The Parks Division of the City of Madison is hard at work packing the lighted trails at Elver Park and the main loop at Odana Golf Course. Once these trails have been packed to provide a good base, a track will be set in those two locations. The plan is to set the tracks late today. Trail At this time, the warming shelters at both locations are not open. Please watch for future press release updates.

Passes are required at Elver Park and Odana Golf Course and can be purchased on site, at the Parks Administrative Offices in Room 104 of the City County Building or on-line. Annual passes are $24.00. The daily ski pass is $6.00. Skiers under 16 ski for free. Ski Trail Pass Replacements as well as passes for Senior or Persons w/Disabilities are $10.00. The City of Madison and Dane County maintain a cooperative cross-country ski trail pass program. Fees collected by each agency are used to support their own trails.

Staff is hampered by the cold, wet snow and ice that fell over the weekend. That crust must be broken before any snow can be packed on trails in the remaining locations and track will be set as time permits.

Sledding - There are sledding hills at Hiestand, Olbrich and Warner Parks on the Eastside and at Arbor Hills, Elver and Huegel Jamestown Parks on the Westside.

Outdoor Ice Rinks: All of the outdoor ice rinks are closed due to thin ice. Many of the ice rinks have open water areas. The public is asked to keep off of the ice and away from the edges. Tenney Park is particularly dangerous with holes and soft spots. The Lagoon is over 10 feet deep. For your safety - STAY OFF THE ICE. It takes a minimum of 6 days of below freezing to produce safe ice. The recent snow has an insulating effect and hampers freezing.

The public may call 266-4711 for more information or log on to our website at Please listen to your local radio and/or TV. station for the latest conditions.

  • LaVonne LaFave, Clerical & Program Support Manager, 267-4916
  • Russ Hefty, Conservation Parks Supervisor, 267-4918