Delivering Fire Prevention

Tuesday, October 12, 2010 - 2:53am

Fire Prevention activities continue tonight when the City of Madison Fire Department's Community Education Unit once again joins with Madison Area Safe Kids for Delivering Fire Prevention.

This program is designed to increase awareness about the necessity of having working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in every home, while reminding homeowners of the City's new smoke alarm ordinance.

Families will be chosen at random to have their pizza delivered by a member of the Department. If they have working smoke alarms in their home, they will receive a certificate for two free large pizzas from Papa John's Pizza located at 6619 McKee Road. Families can go online to to place their order or call the store directly at (608) 848-8580. Some families may also receive a free smoke or carbon monoxide detector, and all families will receive fire prevention education from Safe Kids Wisconsin coalitions.

Children in homes without working smoke alarms are at greater risk for fire-related death and injury. Safe Kids Wisconsin recommends:
•Installing smoke alarms on every level in your home and in each bedroom.
•Testing smoke and carbon monoxide alarms monthly.
•Replacing smoke alarms every 10 years.
•Creating and regularly practicing two escape plans from each room in your house. Have a designated meeting spot outside your house.
•Closely inspect your home to eliminate potential fire hazards such as replacing old or frayed electrical wires and appliance cords.

Some of the smoke alarms that will be given away this evening come from the two federal grants that are funding the Department's current smoke alarm installation program. To date, the Department has installed new alarms in more than 400 homes. It's a Department-wide initiative, with the support of Fire Fighters Local 311, Local 311 Charities, and AFSCME Local 60. Beginning last week, and in the weeks to come, a fire truck in your neighborhood may well be carrying a crew installing alarms.


  • Lori Wirth(608) 266-5947