Don't Let the Flu Ruin your Thanksgiving Holiday

Tuesday, November 5, 2013 - 4:36am

Now is the Right Time to Get the Flu Vaccine

While the flu hasn't yet hit Wisconsin hard, we shouldn't be lulled into the feeling that we have plenty of time before we need to get a flu shot. Here's a reason to get your flu shot now: the flu shot takes 2 weeks to start working. You also need to get your flu shot now to help prevent sharing the influenza virus at Thanksgiving. So getting the vaccine just a week before Thanksgiving is not going to protect you or your loved ones from a particularly ill-timed sneak attack by the influenza virus.

At Thanksgiving you will be around more people, with visits to family and friends, parties and turkey dinners. Visiting mom, grandma and that new baby can make for memorable holiday moments, as long as you don't bring the flu virus along to spoil the party.

So please don't procrastinate. The best time to protect yourself and your family against the flu is actually right now. The CDC recommends EVERY person over age 6 months get an annual flu shot.

Flu shots are readily available through local clinics, as well as some pharmacies and stores. Free vaccinations are available from Public Health for children and adults without health insurance and children with BadgerCare. For information about Public Health clinic schedules and locations, see

You can also find where flu vaccine is available in Dane County by calling United Way of Dane County's 211 help line.

For more detailed information about the flu, see the CDC's web page at:


Public Health - Madison & Dane County


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