Don't Let the Heat Beat You

Friday, June 29, 2012 - 7:38am

Safety Hints that can Help Avoid Serious Problems

Every year at this time there are numerous news stories about the heat, offering solid advice on what to do when the weather gets very hot and humid. We hear these stories so often that many of us stop paying attention. But during the next week there will be five or six days when the temperature will be over 90 degrees so there are a few very important basics beyond the usual advice about staying cool and hydrated.

Here are three simple points to keep in mind.

1. Check in on elderly and disabled neighbors. Extreme heat can be very dangerous for them, and some might be shy or unable to ask for help. So please risk being a nosy neighbor. It will make this situation a lot less risky for them.
2. Don't push yourself or your kids too far with outdoor physical activities. Heatstroke can sneak up on you quickly, and it often requires a trip to the emergency room.

3. Do not leave your kids or your pets in a car, even with the motor and air conditioner running. A stalled engine will produce dangerously high temperatures very quickly, putting a child or pet at risk for brain damage and death. On hot or warm days, it's best to leave your pet at home, and to always take your child with you - no matter how short you think your errand will be.
If you see a parked car with a child or pet left alone, call 911 and don't leave until help arrives.

During this extreme heat, please watch out for yourself and pay attention to those around you.

There are many more details and precautions that you should be familiar with. For more information on the impact of heat on people, check the following links:


For more information on heatstroke in animals, check the following link:


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