Downtown/Isthmus Streets Scheduled For Towing During Snow Emergency

Tuesday, February 9, 2010 - 4:29am

Vehicles parked illegally on several streets in the Downtown/Isthmus area will be towed during the Snow Emergency. Those streets are:

W. Wilson St.
W. Doty St.
W. Main St.
W. Washington Ave.
10-200 W. Gilman St.
E. Mifflin St.
W. Mifflin St.
N. Hancock St.
S. Hancock St.
N. Franklin St.
S. Franklin St.
N. Blair St.
Wisconsin Ave. (200,300 and 500)
300 S. Henry St.
300 S. Hamilton St.
N. Bedford St.
S. Bedford St.
N. Henry St.
N. Carroll St. (300,400 and 500)
E. Dayton St.
E. Johnson St. from Blair to Baldwin

Vehicles towed during the Snow Emergency will receive a $60 tickets plus a $50 towing charge.

To avoid towing residents should remove their vehicles form the street or park on the EVEN house numbered side of the street tonight and the ODD house numbered side of the street Wednesday evening. Additional information on parking alternatives downtown and the Snow Emergency is available at


  • George Dreckmann267-2626