E. Gorham Street: Yes, You Can Move In and Out!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008 - 7:58am

Madison - Ald. Brenda K. Konkel, District 2, wants to reassure residents that they will have access to E. Gorham Street during the annual Downtown moving days this week. While the street has been closed for reconstruction, City staff worked diligently with the contractors to ensure there would be local access for garbage and recycling trucks and for those moving in and out.

Ald. Konkel said the street is currently scheduled to be completed on August 25, with Traffic Engineering installing signs and painting the following week. The goal is to have the street open September 2, the day after Labor Day. However, if work continues to progress smoothly, she said there is a possibility Traffic Engineering may be able to open the street prior to Labor Day and the first Badger football game.

The latest project updates include:
o The asphalt binder was installed last week from Baldwin Street to Paterson Street.
o The segment from Livingston Street to Butler Street still has the existing asphalt, including numerous temporary patches.
o The block from Paterson Street to Livingston Street will be the only one with gravel for the Downtown moving days this week.
o The contractor is scheduled to mill the street from Livingston Street to the west and to pave everything from Paterson to the west beginning on Monday, August 18.
o The landscaping should be finished by the scheduled completion date of Friday, August 22, which leaves Traffic Engineering one week to install the street signs and pavement markings.

"I'd really like to thank the many City staff people and contractors who have worked hard to make sure that moving day in the Downtown goes smoothly," said Ald. Brenda K. Konkel.

  • Ald. Brenda K. Konkel, District 2, 608-345-8720