Friday, November 2, 2007 - 5:24am

Madison Water Utility will be conducting a 21-day pump test of the deep well at Unit Well 29 on Madison's east side. The purpose of this test pumping will be to further investigate groundwater movement and drawdown in the area at maximum pumping rates. An investigation conducted in January of this year at 80-percent of well capacity indicated no problem with the proposed filter operation. Throughout the duration of the test the deep well at Unit Well 29 will be operated at full capacity 24 hours per day. Water will be pumped to the storm sewer and drain to the pond located at the corner of Commercial Avenue and Mesta Lane. No water from Well 29 will enter the drinking water system during this pump test. This test will also have no impact on the neighborhood around the well. The test pumping is planned to start either Monday November 5th or Tuesday November 6th and will be completed by November 26th or 27th. At the completion of the test, Montgomery Associates and RMT will analyze the data and prepare a report for the Water Utility Board. This work will provide information on the long-term operation of the iron and manganese filtration system being proposed for the well.


  • Al Larson - Principal Engineer 608-266-4653
  • allarson@cityofmadison.com

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