Fallen Limb Cuts Wires, Damages Roof

Tuesday, October 26, 2010 - 11:07am

City of Madison firefighters were called to a west side home this afternoon at 1:37 when a large tree limb crashed onto a nearby roof at 4913 Regent St. The branch cut the power source to the house and arcing wires caused minor fire damage. Firefighters examined the attic to ensure that there was no extension into the attic.

No one was in the home when the tree limb fell. A neighbor notified the homeowner, who was at work.

The branch, which was more than a foot in diameter where it connected to the tree trunk was still resting on the roof when firefighters arrived. Crews secured the scene until MGE could respond.

This was one of several calls today for downed tree limbs and wires caused by high winds.


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