Fire Crew Delivers Baby Girl

Tuesday, November 1, 2011 - 4:44am

It will be pink stork pins for the crew of Engine Company 8 after they delivered a healthy baby girl this morning on the City's East side.

The call was dispatched just before 9 this morning. Medic 8 was out on another call, so Engine 8 and Medic 10 were sent to the mother's apartment.

As Engine 8 arrived, they were notified by the 911 Communication Center that birth was imminent.

As they entered the apartment, the crew found out that report was accurate. The baby arrived 30 seconds later. Medic 10 arrived 4 minutes later to transport mother and child to the hospital.

Fire Lt. David Ianne said it's the first delivery he's attended in over 20 years as a firefighter.

Firefighter Christopher Hahn delivered the infant, assisted by Ianne, David Hartman, and Cory Hesseling.

All four will received pink stork pins to commemorate the birth, as is the custom at the MFD.

No word on the baby's name, although Davina Corinna Christina has been suggested.

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