Fire Damages Two Businesses and Three Apartments

Monday, September 7, 2009 - 1:04am

An early morning fire caused approximately $75,000 damage to a building containing two businesses and three apartments on the city's east side. Golden Shears Hairstyling Shop and La Pris Beauty Parlor suffered smoke and heat damage from the fire. Three apartments in the building also received minor smoke damage.

Firefighters were called to the fire at 2402 East Washington Avenue at 2:52 AM and arrived five minutes later. Fire crews quickly extinguished the fire and ventilated smoke from the building. Each floor of the building was searched for any people who might be inside. Nobody was in the building and no injuries were reported.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

Firefighters remind everyone of these safety tips:
• Install smoke alarms on every level of the home and in each sleeping area. Interconnected smoke alarms are will make sure the alarm is heard throughout the home.
• Test your smoke alarms every month.
• Have a home escape plan and practice it twice a year.
• When the alarm sounds, get out and stay out.
• After you have escaped, call 9-1-1 from a safe place.
• Never go back inside the building for any reason.


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