Fire Was Kept in Check by Sprinkler System At Yahara River View Apartments – Allowing Residents To Evacuate The Building Safely

Tuesday, April 1, 2014 - 4:47pm

Press Conference

Yahara River View Apartment residents are thankful for its fire sprinkler system after a fire broke out in a second floor apartment on Saturday, March 29th around 8:00 am, as a result of a dryer fire.
“The sprinkler system definitely prevented what could have been a catastrophe, with loss of life or injuries to our residents”.  Said Paul Jasenski, building manager of Yahara River View Apartments. No one was injured and everyone in the 60-unit apartment complex returned to their homes, except for 6 residents.
One sprinkler head contained the fire to the apartment, which limited property damage. When firefighters arrived, they conducted a search and rescue of the building, finding many occupants had evacuated. Occupants, with limited mobility, had to shelter in place. Fire Crews also assisted residents into a community room to keep warm. Firefighters extinguished a fire that was burning in the dryer and ventilated, building of smoke and checked for extension.
“The structure fire that occurred on East Main Street Saturday is a great reminder of the importance of sprinkler systems in buildings.  Without the quick activation of the system to contain the fire, many lives would have been in severe jeopardy.  The sprinkler system activation, without doubt, saved many lives, and prevented the loss of personal property.  In order to maintain a high level of safety in our community, the Madison Fire Department strongly recommends the use of sprinkler systems in buildings. “ said Fire Chief Steve Davis.
Three years ago on June 20, 2011 an unsprinklered downtown apartment complex on Webster Street displaced 30 occupants and destroyed 24 of the 30 units and closed down a restaurant. Firefighters were dispatched to the second alarm structure fire at 5:00 that morning. The fire burned until 1:00 that afternoon. Residents of the complex were displaced indefinitely due to concerns of structural instability of the outer walls. In 2012, the building was completely remodeled with 22 units and a restaurant.
WHO:    City of Madison Fire Chief Steve Davis
               Paul Jasenski with Commonwealth Development
WHAT:  Fire Sprinkler Systems is a valuable tool that saves lives and limits property damage.
WHEN:  Wednesday, April 2, 2014
                12:00 pm – Press Conference/Comments 
WHERE: Yahara River View Apartments 1459 E. Main Street
HOW:      Media planning to attend should contact MFD PIO Bernadette Galvez at 279-7168


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