Firefighters Rescue Man Pinned Under Car

Sunday, November 8, 2009 - 1:10am

City of Madison firefighters and paramedics responded to a rollover car crash this morning at 7202 Watts Road. When Engine 7 arrived, they found a car resting on its side with the driver partially pinned underneath it.

Firefighters quickly stabilized the car to prevent any movement while they removed the car from around the driver. First, the windshield was cut out of the car and then the car's roof was removed. With the windshield and roof out of the way, the driver was carefully moved onto a backboard to protect his spine from any movement. He was then taken to University of Wisconsin Hospital by paramedics.

Rescue crews were dispatched to the crash at 2:46 AM and arrived six minutes later. It took firefighters less than ten minutes to remove the windshield and roof so they could safely move the driver and treat his injuries.


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