Firefighters Respond to Attic Angels Fire

Saturday, January 7, 2012 - 9:08am

An overstuffed commercial dryer led to a fire in the basement of a three-story residential facility this afternoon. City of Madison firefighters were called to 8301 Old Sauk Road at 12:39 this afternoon after a report of flames from personnel on site.

A Madison police officer arrived and deployed a fire extinguisher, limiting spread of the fire. Engine Company 12 found smoldering towels on their arrival.

Crews ventilated through an exhaust system to clear the area of smoke, preventing it from reaching the residential floors above. The company officer commended employees at the facility for closing the door to the laundry area, preventing the fire and smoke from spreading.

There were no injuries, and damages were limited to the dryer and the laundry inside.


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