Firefighters Respond to Multiple Incidents for Downed Power Lines

Thursday, December 20, 2012 - 6:42am

Today's heavy snowfall has Madison firefighters responding to multiple reports of downed power lines. Fire officers report more than six calls so far today.

Crews have worked to maintain safe areas around any live power lines that may pose a hazard to residents.

If you see wires down, assume they are energized and stay clear of them. Notify your utility company.

If it is safe to do so, clear tree limbs that may be heavily loaded with snow to prevent them from breaking and causing further damage. DO NOT attempt to remove a tree limb or other object from a power line. Electricity can travel through limbs, especially when they are wet.

If a broken power line should fall on your vehicle, stay inside the vehicle. Use your cell phone to call for help. The vehicle can become energized; you are safer remaining inside until help arrives.

If someone makes contact with a downed power line, don't try to rescue them because you risk becoming a victim yourself. Call 911 for help.

  • Lori Wirth, (608) 575-4943