Historic Moment in Common Council Leadership

Thursday, April 19, 2018 - 4:51pm

On April 17, 2018 the Common Council of the City of Madison, by unanimous vote, elected Alder Samba Baldeh as President and Alder Sheri Carter as Vice-President of the Common Council.
This is the first time that Council leadership positions have been held simultaneously by persons of African descent. Alder Baldeh represents District 17 on Madison’s Eastside and Alder Carter represents District 14 on Madison’s Southside.

Alder Baldeh, thanked outgoing President, Alder Marsha Rummel, for her leadership and partnership during the past year and stated that he looks forward to working with Alder Carter in leading the legislative body in advancing the lives of all residents of Madison, including persons of color, through good and equitable governance.

Alder Baldeh, in a quote said “I think this is symbolically an excellent thing to have people of color in leadership positions in government.  Now, all these advancements need to translate into real life-changing initiatives and that is what I intend to do.”

Alder Carter in a quote said “I am proud to be part of this historical moment for the City, the Common Council, African Americans, and my constituents. I am ready for the work and challenges in the coming months. My goals are to streamline communication, begin the budget process, and work together as a team on policy, equity, economy, and other issues that impact our City.”

In the coming weeks, Council President Baldeh will name 5 other Alders to serve on the Council’s Executive Committee. Past President Alder Rummel will continue to serve on the committee as an Alternate.