How To Dispose of Garlic Mustard

Friday, May 14, 2010 - 6:04am

This is the time of year when many Madison residents are pulling garlic mustard. To stop this highly invasive plant from spreading it is important that it be properly disposed of.

"Garlic mustard should not be composted," Madison recycling coordinator George Dreckmann said. "If you have pulled garlic mustard you should place it in your tan refuse cart so we can take it to the landfill."

City of Madison residents may also bring garlic mustard to the City's drop off sites at 1501 W. Badger Rd., 4602 Sycamore Ave. or 402 South Point Dr.

"When you bring garlic mustard to the drop off sites do not put it with the other yard waste which is composted," Dreckmann said. "Garlic mustard should go in the trash truck or bin at the sites. If you have questions, ask the site attendant."

Information on garlic mustard disposal can be found at or you can call the City recycling office 267-2626.


  • George Dreckmann267-2626