Ice Rink and Ski Trails (edited on Feb. 22)

Thursday, February 21, 2008 - 4:54am

Ice Rinks - Tenney Park, Vilas Park, Elver Park and Westmorland Park ice rinks are open. Tenney, Vilas and Elver Parks offer skate rental and concessions.

Please note - This weekend may be the last, best chance for ice skating. This is the longest ice skating season Madison has enjoyed in decades. Despite the cold temperatures, this time of the year the sun is out longer, and the radiant heat from the sun deteriorates the ice conditions quickly. So, don't wait - get out and skate!

For more information on hours and locations of the open skating rinks, see the parks website.

Ski Trails - At Elver Park the west ski trails will be groomed on Friday. Parks and Forestry staff were able to remove most of the fallen and dangerous limbs from the trails. Because there are a few branches remain frozen into the trails, for skier safety, staff will keep the lights OFF at Elver this weekend.

Staff recommends that all skiers continue to be careful of fallen branches on the all of the city park ski trails.

For more information on trails, see the Parks website.


  • Parks Administration608-266-4711