Ice Rinks & Ski Trails Closed Until Further Notice

Monday, January 7, 2008 - 8:21am

Outdoor Ice Rinks:
Thanks to the unseasonably warm and rainy weather, all outdoor ice skating rinks are closed until further notice. It will take several days of below freezing weather to produce safe ice. We will announce when the ice rinks and shelters are again open. We ask that people stay off the ice because it is no longer safe.

Cross Country Ski Trails:
Additionally, the unseasonably warm and rainy weather has caused all cross country ski trails to deteriorate and they have all been closed. Crews will require a significant snowfall in order to reopen the trails.

The public may call 266-4711 for more information or log on to our website at Please listen to your local radio and/or TV station for the latest conditions.


  • LaVonne LaFave, Parks Clerical & Program Support M267-4916