Joint Statement of Mayor Dave Cieslewicz and David Denig-Chakroff

Monday, August 27, 2007 - 9:24am

Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz and David Denig-Chakroff have reached an agreement to end Denig-Chakroff's employment as the General Manager of the Madison Water Utility.

Under the Settlement Agreement, which must be approved by the Common Council at its September 18 meeting, Denig-Chakroff will leave employment with the City on September 21, 2007.

A resolution to approve the Agreement will be introduced on September 4, 2007. "David has been Madison's Water Utility Manager for over 10 years," Mayor Cieslewicz said. "Given the number of concerns that have surfaced recently at the Water Utility, David and I agreed that this was the best course for the City and for him. I support this settlement as a fair way to end his employment. I thank David for his long service to the City."

"I thank the dedicated employees of the Utility for their contribution to the progress we have made and the achievements reached these past 10 years, said Denig-Chakroff. "Their commitment to the strategic planning goals we have set is strong. While I am disappointed our work together is coming to a close, I am confident this settlement is the best course for both the Utility and the community."

Denig-Chakroff has an employment contract with the City that runs until 2011. The Settlement provides that Denig-Chakroff will receive all benefits he has or would accrue for five months following his termination of employment, including a payment of $55,061.08 for salary and health insurance premiums for that five-month period. The total payment to Denig-Chakroff will be $130,596.48. Of that amount, Denig-Chakroff is entitled to $75,535.40 as accrued benefits. According to City Attorney Michael May, Denig-Chakroff would be entitled to those payments regardless of how he left City employment. Payments for the settlement will come from Utility funds, not tax dollars.

Cieslewicz said that he will name City Engineer Larry Nelson interim General Manager of the Water Utility after Denig-Chakroff's departure. He has asked Nelson to begin working with Denig-Chakroff immediately. A search for a new General Manager will begin after approval of the Settlement.


  • Michael May (City Attorney)(608) 266-4511
  • Marie Stanton (Attorney for Denig-Chakroff)(608) 257-0945