Lake Rescue Team Brings Swimmer Safely to Shore

Monday, June 25, 2012 - 2:15am

Just days after divers pulled a drowning victim from Lake Mendota after an ill-advised swim, the City of Madison Fire Department's Lake Rescue team was again called to the Mendota shore to assist a swimmer in trouble.

Just after 5:00 this morning, divers were called to 140 Iota Court, just east of the UW campus, by a woman who said her boyfriend was attempting to "swim across Mendota."

The woman called 911 minutes after the man, estimated to be in his early 20's, began swimming from shore.

When the Lake Rescue team arrived, the man was trying to return and struggling in the water. The rescue team met him and retrieved him from the water about 250 yards from shore.

The City of Madison Fire Department reminds residents -

Swimming in a natural body of water is different from swimming in a pool. More skills and energy are required for natural water environments because of variable and changing conditions. Whenever you are near a natural water environment, look out for:
• Unexpected changes in air or water temperature.
• Fast-moving currents, waves and rapids, even in shallow water.
• Hazards, such as dams, underwater obstacles, or rocks or debris moving on the surface or along the bottom of the water.
• Aquatic life, such as vegetation that could entangle feet or animals that live in, on or around the water.
• Sudden drop-offs that change water depth.
• Other people's activities in the same waters, such as boating.

Finally - never swim alone, or while intoxicated.


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