Madison 150 Song Com. Seeking Original Compositions from Public

Friday, March 24, 2006 - 9:14am

Madison – The Madison 150 Song Committee is inviting the public to submit compositions to be considered for the designation of Madison’s official song or songs. As part of the year-long celebration of the City of Madison’s 150th birthday, Mayor Dave Cieslewicz has appointed the committee to select the official song or songs of the City of Madison.

The Madison 150 Song Committee is asking people of all backgrounds to submit songs that in some way reflect the essence of Madison: its history, culture, geography, its spirit. All styles of music are welcome.

“While there are many previously-recorded songs that deserve consideration as Madison’s official song, our community is lucky to have many talented musicians and composers,” said Cieslewicz. “Soliciting original compositions from the community will give the song committee a diverse range of music to consider as they make their selections.”

The Madison 150 Song Committee has set the following requirements for submissions:

1. The composition must reference the name Madison in its title and/or lyrics.
2. A recording of the composition must be submitted in audiocassette or CD format.
3. Printed lyrics must also be included with the submission.
4. The owner of the copyright of the recorded song must submit a signed form, provided by the City, granting permission for the recording to be played before members of the public and for copies of the lyrics to be disseminated as part of the process to choose and designate the official song(s) for the City of Madison. That form is available at

Deadline: All songs meeting the requirements described above will be considered by the Madison 150 Song Committee, but only if received no later than 4:30 p.m. on April 17, 2006.

Where to Deliver Submissions: All songs and related materials must be delivered to the following address:

Office of Mayor Dave Cieslewicz
Attention: Mario Mendoza
City-County Building, Room 403
210 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.
Madison, WI 53703-3345
Other Terms:

1. Submissions sent will not be returned to the sender by the City of Madison. However, upon conclusion of the Madison 150 Song Committee’s work, the original materials submitted may be personally retrieved at the Mayor’s Office.
2. The composer(s) of the song(s) designated as the official song(s) of the City of Madison will be entitled to make mention of this distinction in any promotional materials, but shall not be entitled to any compensation by the City of Madison for such designation.

  • George Twigg, 608-266-4611