Madison Community Budget Conversations Get Underway This Week

Monday, July 25, 2011 - 1:03pm

Join Mayor Soglin, Alders and city officials as they host the first of five Community Budget Conversations on Tuesday, July 26th at the Urban League, 222 South Park Street. Each of the Budget Conversations will get underway at 7:00 p.m. and each will focus on a different group of the city's services. Tuesday's meeting will be on Community Development and Services and cover areas such as housing, child care, community gardens and senior issues.

Future meetings and topics include:

Monday, August 1st-Topic Administration
Olbrich Botanical Gardens
3330 Atwood Avenue
Tuesday, August 16th-Topic: Infrastructure
Senior Center
330 West Mifflin Street
Monday, August 22nd- Topic: Large Community Facilities and Parks
Orchard Ridge United Church of Christ
1501 Gilbert Road
Wednesday, August 31st- Topic: Public Safety
Warner Park Recreation Center
1625 Northport Drive

"As everyone knows, the city is facing some pretty serious decisions regarding this budget and we're looking to citizens for their thoughts and ideas, not on specific line items, but on their values and priorities for city services. We want your thoughts on how those priorities will affect you, your neighborhood and your community. I encourage everyone to attend at least one of the sessions as we work together to develop this budget," said Mayor Paul Soglin.

At each of the five meetings citizen involvement will be crucial, and discussions will center on the specific services featured for the meeting. The information gathered at the five sessions will be used by both Alders, Department Heads and the Mayor as they work together to develop the 2012 City Budget.

"This is an innovative and interactive way for citizens to share their opinions with their elected officials. As alders, we do our job best when we have thoughtful guidance from our constituents. These conversations are a great way for residents to deepen their understanding of what happens when their tax dollar is turned into services and a personal way for alders and staff to learn if we are focusing on the right things in the right way. All of us are looking forward to this guidance as we work on the 2012 budget," said City Council President Lauren Cnare.

The city website has additional information on the budget and the meetings. It also features a survey that residents are encouraged to fill out as a way to share their thoughts and priorities on these important spending decisions.

  • Katie Crawley, 608-266-4611