Madison is Ready for Winter

Wednesday, November 16, 2011 - 4:42am

City Website Snow Portal Up and Running

Madison's Winter Portal is ready for use and will be a great resource to residents and visitors as we brave the winter weather. You can access the information on Facebook.

As the snow flies, you can get additional information on snow emergency alerts, snow plowing updates, weather alerts, changes and updates in Madison Metro Bus schedules and other information regarding the inclement weather. When you are ready to get out and enjoy the weather, plenty of information on winter activities in Madison Parks, including skating and cross-country skiing, is also available on line.

Those interested in getting the information sent directly to their phone are able to sign up to receive text messages at That service will provide information regarding snow emergencies, weather alerts, Metro rider alerts and even updates on ice skating lessons.

Madison Mayor Paul Soglin said, "We have excellent city services, from snow plowing and salting to reliable bus service regardless of the weather. The city website is a great way to get all the information you need, from alternate side parking rules to information regarding cross-country ski trails. By taking advantage of the services and great winter activities available, we can all get through these next few months."

This year there is a new feature of the Winter Portal called Find a Route Based on Salt Route Map. If you need to travel from one location to another during a snow event, you can enter your start and end locations to find a route that takes advantage of the City of Madison salt routes.

You may notice a slight change after a salt truck passes through your neighborhood this year. In an effort to utilize less salt and protect our lakes, the salt brine spread on streets this year will contain beet juice. The organic substance will allow the salt to melt ice and snow at lower temperatures, as it works to maintain our streets.

As always, Madison residents are encouraged to Be a Good Neighbor and keep an eye on those who might be in need. Think about neighbors and friends who do not have the ability to shovel snow from public sidewalks, their walkways and driveways. Let neighbors know ahead of time if you are willing to help. Check with these neighbors after a storm to make sure they are okay and ask if they need assistance.

Be A Good Neighbor:


  • Katie Crawley, 608-266-4611