Madison Mallards Are Inspiration for Fire Station Logo

Friday, July 5, 2013 - 4:31am

The firefighters at Madison Fire Station 10, like every station in the city, identify themselves with the neighborhood where their station is located. Station 10, at 1517 Troy Drive, is adjacent to Warner Park and the Duck Pond, home of the Madison Mallards baseball team.

In recognition of the Madison Mallards, firefighters at Station 10 designed a station logo featuring a firefighting Mallard complete with baseball uniform, fire boots, helmet, and fire axe. Once the logo was complete, a T-shirt was developed featuring the unique logo.

Mallards staff and firefighters from Station 10 will don these shirts for a photo on Monday, July 8 at 10:00 a.m. at the Duck Pond in Warner Park.

Other stations that have a unique T-shirt design include:

• Station 1 features a moose wearing a fire helmet and carrying an axe
• Station 2 is the "Double Deuce"
• Station 3 on Willy Street is Madison's oldest working firehouse
• Station 4 features Bucky Badger wearing a fire helmet
• Station 5 commemorates the Great Butter Fire of 1991 with a flaming wedge of cheese
• Station 7, home of the Hazardous Incident Team, features a skunk wearing a gas mask
• Station 8 includes a flaming eight ball and the motto "On the Ball"
• Station 9 celebrates its identity as being "The Original West Side" of Madison

Information on each station and the individual logos can be found on the Madison Fire Department website:


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