Madison Parks - Adopt Ice Partnership

Friday, October 30, 2009 - 11:13am

The City of Madison and the Madison Parks Division are committed to a healthy community and recognize the value in providing year-round outdoor recreation experiences. Madison Park serves the public by working with community leaders, businesses, elected officials, and most importantly, neighborhood volunteers to develop and maintain many different park features.

Keeping true to that core practice, Madison Parks invites you to join the Adopt Ice Partnership initiative. The idea of Adopt Ice Partnership combines city resources with volunteer power to provide the community with quality outdoor hockey and ice skating. Volunteers have the opportunity to be involved at the level of service that fits their interest and ability. All areas of assistance will improve service and spur new creative opportunities for the future.

Adopt Ice Partnership Outline
Madison Parks will continue to provide the essentials for ice rink development including;
1. Set-up of facilities - boards, warming shelters, water connections
2. Daily maintenance -clearing of snow, trash removal, facility cleaning
3. Security- Parks Rangers traveling between facilities
4. Provide equipment - shovels, brooms
5. Access to warming shelters and restrooms

Adopt Ice Partnership assistance will help to facilitate the following;
1. Assistance with snow removal - For public safety it is mandated that the Park Division is to remove snow from bike paths, sidewalks and parking areas as a first priority. Additionally, because of the volume and size of rinks it is difficult to have staff at all the sites at one time, so it is helpful to have teams clear snow from the ice prior to park staff.

2. Assist with the upkeep of ice - (different needs per location) it is never too cold to make ice, however the best time to "freeze" is later at night. Putting a layer of water down and letting it freeze and repeating creates a solid sheet of smooth quality ice.

Adopt Ice Partnership Training Meeting
Madison Parks is offering the following community meetings to assist groups with organizing volunteers, reviewing protocols and scheduling neighborhood on-site training.

Please select one of the meetings and pre-register by calling:

Steven Doniger, Community Services Manager
1.608.266.6517 or email

Meeting "A" Tuesday, November 10, 2009 6:30PM
Meeting "B" Tuesday, November 17, 2009 6:30PM
Location: Warner Park Community Recreation Center
1625 Northport Drive Madison WI 53704
1) Introductions
2) Adopt Ice Partnership Outline
3) Madison Parks Division essentials for ice rink development
4) How to get started - organize volunteers
5) Volunteer responsibilities
6) Schedule On-site Training
7) Neighborhood Night Ideas
Follow-up Meeting with individual neighborhoods to be scheduled as needed

Ice Rinks are scheduled for the following locations;
Tenney Park, Vilas Park, Elver Park, Olbrich Park, Warner Park, Westmorland Park, Garner Park, and Goodman Park

  • Steve Doniger, 266-6517
  • Laura Whitmore, 266-5949