Madison Parks & Madison Mallards Honored with Outstanding Achievement in Recycling Award

Wednesday, March 7, 2012 - 9:23am

The Madison Parks Division and the Madison Mallards were honored last week to receive the award for Outstanding Achievement in Recycling, presented by the Associate Recycles of Wisconsin (AROW).

The award recognizes their cooperative work that turned the Warner Park baseball complex into a temple of reuse. The Mallards decided to rebuild the stadium using as much material as possible from the old facility and by reusing seating from historic major league ballparks. The recycled facility provides a great space for the Mallards, high school teams and local amateurs to play ball.

The Mallards added a private VIP area constructed using old steel from the original stadium grandstand roof. The wood deck was constructed from planks from the treads of the original seating structure. Drink rails were created from the original stadium's aluminum bleacher tops.

The Mallards also created six portable concession kiosks out of aluminum and wood from the old stadium.

"We were thrilled to reinvigorate the baseball complex by reusing materials. Madison is a community that revolves around sustainability and this is just another part of that," Madison Parks Superintendent, Kevin Briski, said.

Seats in the park come from historic stadiums across the country: Camden Yards in Baltimore, Wrigley Field in Chicago, Milwaukee County Stadium and even Busch Stadium in St. Louis.

"Playing in Warner Park is incredibly important us and we're honored to be a part of this waste reduction effort," Vern Stenman, Madison Mallards President, said.

Original stadium materials went toward the construction of the new VIP area, the current wood deck and drink rails. 95% recycled materials from the old stadium created the crowning reuse achievement at Warner Park: the Sports Impressions Team Green Store, where the siding on the structure is from the old stadium aluminum bleacher seats and even the clothes racks are made from old stadium chairs!


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