Madison Storm Update

Wednesday, December 9, 2009 - 1:12am

The City of Madison has been hit with a major snowstorm that has impact most City services. There are several important things the residents need to be aware of.

Residents should stay off the streets.
The wet heavy snow will take at least 24 hours to clear
from residential streets.
Madison Metro has suspended service, including Metro Plus service until further notice.
There will be no refuse or recycling collection today.
Most City facilities are closed and nonessential services have been suspended.
Downed power lines should be reported to MG&E or Alliant Energy.
Residents should make sure their furnace and water heater vents are clear of snow.
Residents should remove small limbs and branches from streets of it can be done safely.
Downed City trees on the terrace or medians can be reported to 266-4816.
Residents are asked to be careful when clearing windrows from the end of driveways as the
snow is very heavy.
Residents should try to help their neighbors with snow removal, especially the elderly and

Residents should check the City web page for updates.


  • George Dreckmann264-2315