Mayor, Alder Kerr Wager on 2009 Baseball Season

Monday, April 6, 2009 - 9:43am

On Major League Baseball's Opening Day, Mayor Dave Cieslewicz and Alder Julia Kerr entered into a friendly wager for the 2009 season. The two colleagues will wager on wins between the Milwaukee Brewers and Alder Kerr's hometown Boston Red Sox.

"Dave is a nice enough guy and he has been an adequate Mayor, but my seven-year-old daughter has better baseball sense," Kerr said.

"I have always appreciated Alder Kerr's persistence," Cieslewicz said. "Certainly, anyone who supports a team that made its fans wait 76 years between championships has earned my respect. Of course, the Brewers would have to be around another 37 years just to match their record of ineptitude. I'm thinking of grilling my lobster in October while I watch the Brewers in the Series."

However, the mayor's confidence subsided upon further consideration of the Brewer's geriatric relief ace and vegetarian slugger. In an act of kindness and civility - and to add even more suspense to Council meetings through the summer - Alder Kerr agreed to combine the wins of the Milwaukee Brewers with the number of Tuesday victories by the Madison Mallards.

"It is sad really that Dave would only make the bet if he could count the wins of TWO TEAMS against the mighty Red Sox," Kerr said.

If the Red Sox have more wins than the Brewers and Mallards' Tuesday games combined, the mayor will deliver a hand-selected array of organic, locally produced Wisconsin bratwurst and cheese. If the mayor's two teams prevail, Alder Kerr will provide the mayor with two New England lobsters and clam chowder from Boston's Legal Seafood.

Although the two colleagues have always been civil on the Council floor, observers fear baseball season will bring about a more contentious relationship.

"You think politics in Madison is tough - Dave would not last ten minutes in the Fenway Park bleachers," Kerr said.

"Fenway - no roof, it's cold, rain delays, they have a freeway noise barrier in right field. I'd rather be at Miller Park or the Duck Pond any day," retorted the mayor.


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